The total body conditioning workout.

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What is a pushup board? The pushup board is a millenias old device traditionally used in strength training.

Can't I make my own? Of course you can! We save you time and effort by offering a well built pushup board made in a family owned carpentry shop that has been woodworking for generations. If you do decide to make your own we recommend getting the DVD. The video shows the underlying concepts that you will use to strengthen the entire body as well as the proper form to use for the many moves shown.

What are the benefits? The goal would seem to be just improving your pushups; however, using the push-up board according to the instructions in the video includes all major muscle groups. It may be the only device allowing alignment and strengthening work to the lower body structures as well as the upper body structures.

Why should I use one? It gives better engagement of core musculature. The board's structure provides a stable platform for a host of full-body push-up movements involving every fiber of the body's core. Using the push-up board enhances abdominal development and definition in a way that sit-ups or other abdominal exercises NEVER could.

Isn't it just another new product? This same basic design has been in use over 2000 years! There are many world class athletes who take one with them when traveling and use it in the majority of their routines.

The Push Up Board